The Benefits of Massage

Massage is one of the oldest forms of medical treatments, dating back at least 5,000 years where it was used to help prevent illness and help heal injuries.

And the same applies to the modern day, where massage can relax and restore the body, mind and spirit.

Proven to aid relaxation by lowering stress hormones that can directly affect our heart rate, blood pressure, respiration and digestion; massage treatments can also boost your circulation system and lymphatic system by bringing more oxygen into the blood stream and removing toxins from the body (hence the need for lots of water after one of our treatments!).

Today, there are many different forms of massage technique, with the majority originating from either the Swedish or Shiatsu traditions.

At The Massage House, we like to combine all these practices into a personalised treatment designed specificallly with each individual in mind.

Our treatments range from 30minutes to 75 minutes depending on each client’s needs and will incorporate all our experience and skills learned over 20 years of practicing.

Focusing either on just the back and neck, or an all-over body massage with our handmade blends of essential oils, each treatment is different and designed around each client during their initial consultation.

Treatment Prices

30 minutes for £30

For clients who are short of time but need help with aches and pains, our 30 Minute massage brings together sports, swedish and shiatsu practices to leave clients feeling energised and revived.

45 minutes for £40

This treatment encorporates Aromatherapy oils and room scents as well as traditional Swedish, Shiatsu and Sports Massage. Focusing on the back and neck area, our 40 Minute treatment is designed to work specifically for our clients needs and can be adapted to relax, revive or restore depending on how they are feeling.

60 minutes for £50

For clients looking to relax and recharge, our 60 Minute Massage incorporates all of Dee’s 20 years of massage and aromatherapy training. Designing her treatments to suit each client individually, Dee will bring together her Sports, Swedish and Shiatsu traininng along with her Aromatherapy experience to create a personalised massage treatment that addresses each clients needs.

75 minutes for £65

The ultimate pampering experience, Dee incorporates her Aromatherapy experience to create bespoke treatment oils for each client before then incorporating them into her all-over body massage treatment.
Whether her clients are looking to relax or recharge, Dee will design the treatment around each person’s needs – bringing in her extensive training in Sports, Swedish and Shiatsu massage when needed.

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