About Massage and Aromatherapy

Massage is probably the oldest form of medical treatment dating back at least 5000 years.

Hot Stone Massage

Believed to originate in Chinese, Egyptian and Hindu cultures, earliest references suggest it was used to prevent disease as well as a healing technique for injuries.

Homer, Hippocrates, Socrates and Plato all praised the benefits of massage with particular emphasis on the restorative powers of essential oils.

During the years of the Roman Empire, rosemary and lemon were used to eliminate toxins from the body and lavender is referred to in the treatment of the wounds of Gladiators after battles.

Aromatherapy was widely used in the pursuit of pleasure, Emperor Nero went as far as to have aphrodisiac blends released into his parlour through a specially designed pipe system.

Today, there are many different forms of massage technique which have developed over the years, the majority originate from either the Swedish or Shiatsu traditions.

Massage and relaxation

All forms of massage can aid relaxation by lowering the amount of circulating stress hormones such as cortisol and norpinephrine and can directly affect the systems that govern heart rate, blood pressure, respiration and digestion. The circulatory system is also stimulated so increasing blood supply which brings more oxygen and nutrients to tense and damaged muscles, aiding their recovery. This helps the Lymphatic System – the body’s drainage system – to remove toxins from the body, hence the Importance of drinking water after massage treatments to aid this process.

In our modern culture, most of us do not get touched enough, which in itself can soothe the body, mind and spirit If you are feeling low and tense then why not treat yourself to an hour of relaxation with a qualified Massage Therapist.

Shiatsu Massage
Shiatsu based techniques such as Acupressure and Neuromuscular affect deep tissue…

Swedish Aromatherapy Massage
Swedish massage was introduced by Per Henrik Ling in the late 18th Century…


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