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After a cold and wet winter, it is time to shift the blues with our uplifting balancing blend

As the daffodils and blossoms start to appear and the rain clouds begin to (hopefully!) clear, March is the month that we start to feel a positive shift in our physical and emotional sense of wellbeing as we get ready to welcome spring and the promise of summer!

To help your body and mind shake off the dark days of February, our Balancing Blend for March is ideal for cleansing and clarifying, as well as calming any stresses and anxieties – especially important during these uncertain days.

Available in a Massage & Bath Oil and Room Diffuser, this blend is suitable for everyone and includes:

Bergamot: sweet, spicy and fruity, this citrus plant helps to create a sense of uplifting calm. It also helps to cleanse the digestive system and clarify the mind, plus boosting the immune system and aiding good respiration.

Geranium: similar to Rose, this popular flower has a distinct aroma and is a vital ingredient for any balancing blend. Used as a tonic for nervous system, Geranium will help calm stresses and anxiety while also regulating PMT and menopausal symptoms. It can also be used to help clear skin concerns (including acne, burns and broken capillaries) and great to use in a cold compress for bruises.

Geraniums help calm stress and anxiety

Petitgrain: sourced from the leaves and twigs of an orange tree, its woody, floral and slightly citrus aroma makes it instantly soothing. Not only does it help to counter anger, panic and other strong emotions, it is great to use in a massage oil working as a muscle relaxant.

The March Blend is available as a Massage & Bath Oil (£10 for50ml) and Room Diffuser (£15 for 100ml). To shop online click here or select this blend at your next Massage House treatment. 

** If you have a medical condition then please speak to your GP prior to using essential oils at home.**

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