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January detox cleansing blend

Time to detox with our January cleansing blend

After a month of fun and celebrations, January is the time when most of us like to give their minds and bodies a break from the festivities and recharge ourselves for the year ahead.

To help aid our recovery, this month’s special blend of fruit and herb essential oils is a top toxin eliminator. Aimed at helping our bodies clear out the festive treats, this special blend can be used whenever we feel our systems have been overloaded with excess.

Ideal to use in January – or I also like to keep it nearby during the rose-fueled summer party months! – this handmade blend includes:

Fennel: is a powerful detoxicant and acts as a tonic and stimulant for the stomach, kidneys, liver and spleen.

Black Pepper: helps to boost circulation and immune systems while also bringing a comforting warmth to combat cold chills and shivers.

Grapefruit: is always refreshing, stimulating and uplifting and essential in the cleansing process.  It also helps shift the January blues by balancing the central nervous system and helping ease stress and low moods.

Juniper: is not only included for its detoxifying benefits, but it is also considered a great aid for meditation, so if your plans for 2020 are to refresh your mind, body and soul… this is the oil for you.

Feel free to use this blend as a massage or bath oil, plus using it in a diffuser at this time of year can be really helpful in clearing heavy chests and soothing stubborn coughs – inhaling essential oils is one of the most effective ways to enter the body with all the beneficial elements transported through the lungs to the blood stream.

The January Blend is available as a Massage Oil (£10 for50ml) , Bath Oil (£10 for 50ml) and Room Diffuser (£15 for 100ml). To shop online click here or select this blend for your next Massage House treatment.  

**This blend is not suitable for use during pregnancy. If you have a medical condition then please speak to your GP prior to using essential oils at home. **