The Massage House

Sports massage combined with aromatherapy for remedy and relaxation

The Massage House combines unique aromatherapy blends with deep tissue massage techniques to provide a holistic,  highly effective and thoroughly enjoyable treatment.

Range of massage treatments

We offer a range of massage treatments:  choose between Swedish, aromatherapy and sports treatments according to your individual needs.  We  also  offer advice and support on posture and other tips to prolong the benefit of your massage.

Range of treatment oils

We blend our own essential oils – which you can also buy here from our website.

Our expertise lies in our ability to select the oils and blend them in a synergistic way to provide a total sensual experience.  The sense of smell is the most evocative of all our senses – which is why aroma so often triggers our emotions and the memories associated with them.

At The Massage House, we offer the perfect choice of treatments and oils – beneficial to the body and uplifting for the senses.